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she calls me from
across the world
and even though
she is not here
I can feel her through
that digital signal
her voice makes me happy
her words elate me
and I am taken to another
plane of existence
I wish I could hold her
and tell her the things
I tell her online
or on the phone
I know she is real
and yet she is not there
the curse of the 21st century
better technology
better communication
but still missing that
indefinable human
and you know
what makes it all
worth it?
SHE makes it all
worth it
her love, her words
her spirit shines through
the cold satellites
and distant space
so even though the flesh
can’t touch
the spirit connects
on levels that are sublime
and hidden from the rest
my heart is yours
and you give yourself to me
a cosmic exchange

I love you

Long Distance Relationship by tsamba

Long Distance Relationship by tsamba

they are all down here
including these two
brother and sister
arguing over me
and my opinion

as I write this poem
they go back and forth
and it goes on and on
he defends me and
she calls me an asshole

as she stuffs her face
with a stuffed pepper
and spews her acid
against me

I can feel the hate
and it makes me smile

I am so special
that you get all
worked up about me

that you want to
waste your hate

right now people are dying
from governments and disease
from CIA plots and machinations
but I am above all that

I am special on your list
and you are nothing on mine

enjoy your drama, oh woman
live it out like the best
Maury episodes you’ve
seen on T.V.

I’ll still be sipping on my drink
and living life through
sugarcane eyes

and enjoying it

I sit here
at the laptop
sipping my rum
and coke

I think about her
and the things that
have been and the
things that can be

connections and
absomance by
a virtual means
and 21stcentury modes

digitized images
and imaginations
from a past
long, long gone

an alchemy of
the lost and the dead
of the real and unreal
and those in between

heaven and hell
are the remnants of
the stories we
were told as children

another sip, another
stroke of death’s hand
and I still laugh
at the cluster fuck of it all

the cuntpunchers
and the whoresuckers
the gone from here
and the now of there ahead

we ride and jam
into the great adventure
of no inhibitions
and jungle instinct

I will come to you soon,
my love

Rum and Coke Image Courtesy of

Rum and Coke Image Courtesy of

the seas may separate
the land may divide
but our spirit strives
above the heavens
and the earth
above the gods
and all the rest
we coalesce

you look through my eyes
and I see through yours
somewhere in the middle
we land like falcons
in the nest of the land
satisfied by the hunt
the pursuit of our

it has been many a year
that this search has
continued and worn on
the grail of legend
is the final quest
so close at hand?
only time will tell
and let us know

so far, so good
and deep down inside
I just know that
this is the closest
its ever been
so let’s enjoy
the moment
and smile

Smile I Heart U image courtesy of

Smile I Heart U image courtesy of

why do they have to prove me wrong
don’t they know I’m a Leo?
and they do it in the worst of ways
through the modern means of communication
I’ve made fun of those that came before
and now I grind along like they do
Beethoven cursed Napoleon
as I have cursed love and happiness
there is a revolution in my heart
and the guillotine comes down
on my petty fears and nonsense
let them eat cake
let me eat my words
and let the rest have their ways


Guillotine Image Courtesy of

Guillotine Image Courtesy of

I am a lucky man. My girlfriend Victoria is not only a beautiful, funny, intelligent, and overall wonderful woman, she’s got the creative drive like me. Poetry, art, and taking gorgeous photographs are her media of choice to work with. Some people might wonder if we have tension or competition between us but that’s  not something that enters into the conversation. We have respect for one another’s talent and vision so we work to strengthen that together. Creatives understand creatives.

Today I am dedicating this blog post to her and her work.  I think everybody should have a glimpse of what and who leaves me in awe every day.

Oh, and everyone should stop on over at Victoria’s DeviantArt page:


by Victoria del Bene

I go home to the tiny
Apartment we share
Every day after work
To his waiting arms.

We embrace and make
Small talk, I take off
My coat, my shoes
Sometimes my pants
And even my shirt

He likes to touch me
Simply to touch.

I confess to him,
For sometimes I am sad
As sorrowful, lost souls
Tend to be
My heart heavy
My melancholy great
Yet he takes my hand
Tells me to be strong

And I am.

Usually this is followed
By a smoke, a few tokes
To ease into the after work
Hours, ease into relaxation
Ease into his arms
Kiss his wanting mouth, ease
The smoke from my breath
Into him, sharing the hit.

Listening to the easy sounds
Of gentle melodies,
And even some Reggae
Incense smoke mixing
With herbal smoke
Mixing with candle scent
Mixing with the calm
Of the moment.

We sometimes run errands
Grab a bottle of wine
To keep us warm
Keep our cheeks flush
Our blood thick
With the amorous potion.

Grab a pepper, an onion or two
Cilantro, fresh basil
Mozzarella? Fresh cream?
What does the recipe call for?

We get home to the
Cozy cave, on the cozy
Couch, in our cozy
And cozy up more.

We cook dinner together
Late as always
Music plays as I
Serenade his palate
With the magic I work
On everything I create
Sometimes in one pan
On nothing more than
A few bucks.

He compliments me
On the meal and
My heart soars.

Finally, full of food
Full of love
Sleepy from the comfort
Of this night and
So many nights before
We make our way to
The bedroom
Falling gently asleep, arms
Encircling one another.


Love, Happiness, and Creativity

Two Souls, One Heart (Love, Creativity, and Happiness)



the distance is only
third dimensional
but on the spiritual plane
and on the quantum level
we have arrived
and the rest of the world
is ours to explore
and discover

kismet in khemisset
common bonds in casablanca
thera will teach us truth
tiahuanaco will open the
infinite doors of time
absomance in athens
and all things divine
will play before our revelry

hold my hand and
let’s feel this thing together
in our bones
and in our souls
let’s travel this world
together as one
together as none
just be

Holding Hands Planet Earth courtesy of

Holding Hands Planet Earth courtesy of