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she left a week ago
now I’m standing in her kitchen
cooking dinner

she’s on the computer
I’m drinking a beer
the dog wants to play

she said she missed me
I missed her too

there is still a lingering
sense of death
and awkwardness

the rain taps at the window
like hope waiting to be let in
where did it all do wrong?

the water for the pasta
is boiling and I’m

what the hell am I doing here?


Rainy Window by Souleris

Rainy Window by Souleris

“I’ve lost it,” the woman behind me said.
“I think I’ve lost it.”
She went off to look for it and
I continued on, having lost
It a long time ago.
We work and dream in sleepy apathy
And awkward idealism.
Pan plays his flute but it is a
Dismal and disharmonic tune as
My skull tries to crawl out of my skin
And her laughter screeches across
My brain.
The garbage and body bags are
Piling up
And the pyres are being lit.
We brace ourselves.
Madness brews like an oncoming storm,
The first few drops and soon we are
Swept away in
A flood of visions and random
Actions which
Wash over us.
Breath escapes,
Polygon death scene.
But the code is that there is no code,
No reset button and
You just go on with a
Joker grin and Mad Hatter mind.
The bullet holes are always fresh
And never heal.
So we face it, one on one
Wounded and deranged
Like a chat-line offensive.
Seemingly real men looking for
Seemingly real women until
They all find out they are
Really just
Fiber optic mannequins,
Posing in a digital window.
Desperation moans and buzzes
Throughout the line
Like old men at a soup kitchen,
Beaten by life and circumstance.
Biscuits always taste better with

Dose for Sunday Image Courtesy of

Dose for Sunday Image Courtesy of

the heaving
retching, nauseous grip
poison coursing
sweat squeezed
through pores like
orange juice
bile and acid
burning in my throat
its like all of my innards
will shoot out
and splatter all over
the walls
hands sliding on porcelain
knees grinding on tile
visions of hell
and cupcakes
rolling around
in rhythm
with the spinning room
why do I have to
remember the punch line
from the joke
here comes another wave
muscles taut
body locks
the birth of sickness
and vile ambitions
while my skull is pounded
with the pulse
of thunder, granite,
naked pain
the gods kiss the shit
and make it sunshine
thus I am purified

Throwing Up Girl by Fabian Marcaccio

Throwing Up Girl by Fabian Marcaccio

Why is it
When a beautiful woman
Enters the room
All that I’ve built
The little that I have
The scraps
The grains
The bare left-overs
They all get blown away

Like a personal Hiroshima
Lived over
And over

She touched me
Beyond my understanding
Deep within a glacier heart
I felt her and
I felt

But in the end
The curse
Philosophical and
Unnatural will
Calm the storm
Of love
And life

In the end
She is a specter
That haunts
An old and lonely

In the end
The dusk gives way
To the infinite depths
Of the unknown

In the end
She has made me
To exist

In the end
Of a beginning
Never was

Painting by Jen Mann

Painting by Jen Mann

She says she likes being with me
Because I treat her nice
Not like shit
I like being with her because
She makes me feel good
She says she loves my voice
The way I carry myself
In her eyes, I am a man
Not a bum
In my eyes, she is perfection
Everything I’ve ever wanted
In a woman
It would be a damn shame
For paranoia to crush us
Like bugs

Paranoid Love Hearts by Nathan Nelson

Paranoid Love Hearts by Nathan Nelson

My eyes slowly opened
As I exited the bizarre and ideal
And entered
The strange but true

I could not breath
I was being crushed
By the intense weight
Of life

Disappointed family
Ruined lives
Cheap wine and hot dogs
Dinner for 1

What the fuck
Happened to me?
I think the deck
Was stacked

Doomed from conception
So what happened
I mean really happened
Was that I happened

A drunk with shit stained eyes
Lashed out from
A rum soaked tongue

A thief, a liar, a cheat
Scheming and deceiving
Not giving a damn
About anything

The pressure increases
As the thoughts
Invade and pillage
My guilty conscience

I feel it in my chest
My heart crumbles
And I fall apart
Like an old Roman statue

But please, one last drink
Before I go
Even if it’s the last drop
From the bottom

One last drop
For one last drunk
Who breathes his last breath
From the bottom

That was what you wore that day
In the same way
The rain drops bring
Your name
The lines are there but
The words are for the others to decipher
The blur, the meaning in the
Mind’s perception filtered through
Beautiful tyrants and
Righteous Samson quests
The hair is gone but
The heart still remains
Albeit a little rough around the edges
It still remains
Like the black box of life
Of this out of mind existence
Hello, please leave a message
Thank you
No problem
Just passin’ through
Maybe had a love or two
Maybe had a sense of something
To do
Maybe, just maybe
I’ll get on through

After the Rain by Aquasixio

After the Rain by Aquasixio