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she left a week ago
now I’m standing in her kitchen
cooking dinner

she’s on the computer
I’m drinking a beer
the dog wants to play

she said she missed me
I missed her too

there is still a lingering
sense of death
and awkwardness

the rain taps at the window
like hope waiting to be let in
where did it all do wrong?

the water for the pasta
is boiling and I’m

what the hell am I doing here?


Rainy Window by Souleris

Rainy Window by Souleris

She cries and bounces
In her madness
Like the rest
Of us that are lost

As the bass line
Grooves and thunders
And makes the girls
Swing it and gyrate

Lust and depravity
Are lost in tender
Thoughts that
Mix with music and nectar

Delusion in a hope
That probably will
Not be realized,
Dies before the dawn

The bass line goes on
Claps in my head
Too far gone
And there’s no way back

Groove to it
The madness
Is a dance of
Desire and melancholy

She is so far
And yet my passion
Is so near
But for so long

The bother is more
Than the reward
It’s all really just

Transitory illusion
I swallow
As the night
Wears on

Hello to my soul
Hello to my hell
Hello to the fools
Hello to the saints

Hello to our next nightmare

Broken Heart Emoticon by

Broken Heart Emoticon by

She says she likes being with me
Because I treat her nice
Not like shit
I like being with her because
She makes me feel good
She says she loves my voice
The way I carry myself
In her eyes, I am a man
Not a bum
In my eyes, she is perfection
Everything I’ve ever wanted
In a woman
It would be a damn shame
For paranoia to crush us
Like bugs

Paranoid Love Hearts by Nathan Nelson

Paranoid Love Hearts by Nathan Nelson

That was what you wore that day
In the same way
The rain drops bring
Your name
The lines are there but
The words are for the others to decipher
The blur, the meaning in the
Mind’s perception filtered through
Beautiful tyrants and
Righteous Samson quests
The hair is gone but
The heart still remains
Albeit a little rough around the edges
It still remains
Like the black box of life
Of this out of mind existence
Hello, please leave a message
Thank you
No problem
Just passin’ through
Maybe had a love or two
Maybe had a sense of something
To do
Maybe, just maybe
I’ll get on through

After the Rain by Aquasixio

After the Rain by Aquasixio

when I look in the mirror
I see nothing except
the backround reflection
yet they say
they can see me
its as if I was Dracula
but I live in Florida
the sunshine state
I sleep on the floor
not in a coffin
and I wish I could
turn into a bat because
I can’t always
catch the bus
I don’t drink blood
but I like bloody marys
and the only women
I can hypnotize
are the loose kind
it’s not with my eyes either
or by the way I talk
but with the drugs
and alcohol
not only that
but every woman
I’ve ever loved
has driven a stake
through my heart
so I guess it looks like
I’m not a vampire
after all
just an invisible shmuck

The Invisible Man by NightwolfArt

The Invisible Man by NightwolfArt

as I languish in that pit
of hellish self-loathing
and deception
as I blindly waste away
to dust and
comes the sign

through the darkness
and suffocation
it comes

ever so small
ever so understated

yet it washes all the waste

her touch is magic
her touch is the fire
of the gods
her touch means

an instant of life is
better than an eternity
of death

the wail of the desperate
awakens the valley

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

her voice
skips and slopes
in warm flurries
like summer showers
and small miracles

I see her
fleeting and
never really here
but always there

gentle one please
don’t be afraid
I know they
are bastards
cruel and inhumane

but I am tame
gentle when
I call your name
when I reach out
and show myself

forbidden yet
so natural to
feel you and
to understand you
despite the other

for now the
worlds will keep
us apart
and nothing
will be broken

but how long can it last?


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