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Hey there, folks! I’m sure my readers have noticed I’ve been absent from my daily blog posts. Just thought I’d update everyone on what’s been going on recently. Well, I’m still out of a job and am still looking. New York, Westchester County in particular, sucks when it comes to jobs now. This is especially true for unskilled laborers such as myself. My main background is in retail but nobody – NOBODY – is hiring. I’ve also been trying to shoot for some writing gigs. One was for an Android game apps reviewer but I haven’t heard anything back. My girlfriend and I are still looking to move and leave Yonkers. In all this, we’ve been making and pushing our music and art. I haven’t been doing much original writing lately as I’ve been focused on my music and trying to get my OKAY IS BETTER E.P. together. I finally got a mic so I can really get into recording instruments and vocals over the stuff that I got going on in my Reason program. I will let y’all know when I figure out a release date and have it up.

Unfortunately, there’s been some drama going on in my personal life. I know I usually air it all out but it’s been so draining and on such a level of bullshit, that I really don’t wish to revisit any of it. Suffice it to say, my faith in humanity has diminished even more (I didn’t think there was any faith left to diminish!). These days, in America at least, a person will sell their own mother out for five dollars. People are so desperate and helpless because the system has fucked them over so hard, they turn on their own for whatever power trip they can grab. Of course, if Americans would put their iPhones down for a few minutes, do their civic duty and engage in the political system,  actually parent their children, and build strong communities, they wouldn’t feel so helpless and bamboozled by the system and the elites that run it. People won’t find a fulfilling life from technological gadgets, money, or anything else like that. This is why America, and the rest of the world, is going straight to hell. It’s time for humanity to look inward. The one good thing that came out of the drama was that I found out that not only can any old rand0m person call up one’s former employer and claim to be checking references in order to  find information on that person, but that my former employer – after assuring me they’d give me good references – was bad mouthing me to potential employers. No wonder I’ve been having trouble getting a job. It’s bad enough we’re fighting over the few jobs that are available like hungry dogs over the last bone, but since my old employer has been bad-mouthing me, my chances of getting a job have been reduced to practically nil. Anyway, onward.

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In the midst of all this chaos, I do have some good news. I got engaged to my girlfriend yesterday. We are hoping to be married in a couple of months – on my birthday – though we may have to delay it. We’ll have to see how our other situations go. I am very excited because at thirty-six, I’ve never come anywhere near getting married. We’re in love and we’re building a future together. Yeah, we’re broke and it’ll be a struggle but we’ve been through so much already. If all this other stuff hasn’t stopped us, I doubt there is much that will. Besides, in 21st century America, big, lavish weddings are a luxury for people with money. We’re happy with a simple civil ceremony. We might have a more “official” type of event later on. I have a feeling I’ll be watching a lot of Mad About You and Married with Children reruns in the coming weeks.  I’m sure Al Bundy will have some solid marriage advice for me.

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Okay, folks. That’s it for the update. Sorry for my sudden disappearance. Sometimes blogging needs to take a back seat to getting the food on the table and using what last bit of energy I have left to create my art. I hope to have some more original writing up on here as well. Stay tuned. I’ve got more posts coming! Have a great day, everybody out there! :D

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